New Song Release! Shoot Yourself – ‘Shoes’ Exclusively on Basement Jams

I have had some cool and interesting opportunities in music since I started Basement Jams, but nothing makes me happier than when a band reaches out to me. Shoot Yourself has asked Basement Jams to release there new single ‘Shoes’. We couldn’t be more happy with this request. Shoot Yourself is Justin Smith on Guitar, Hayley Cherie on Bass, and Zac Clinard on Drums and Vocals. All the tracking was done by Justin and will be under the bands indie label Poop Banana. It was an honor to receive this request, and I am proud to present the bands first single. Check out this song, download it, spread it like wildfire! #ShootYourself #Shoes

Download the song Here!


22. BlackStar Republic


Welcome back for another episode of the Podcast. This week I finally release the Interview with BlackStar Republic. It was a crazy train of events that lead up to the interview but it happened. It was a fun experience and definitely the only walking Interview I have ever done. BlackStar Republic is Bryan Brown on Vocals and Bass, Mykol Safranek on Guitar, and Petey ‘Groove’ on the Drums. They are a heavy metal band from the Dallas area. Check them out next Ridglea Metal Fest, August 11th, with Drowning Pool! Special shout out to Jameson White of Dispositions for jamming with the band when they were a man short. Impressive work all around.

Download the episode Here.

BlackStar Republic can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Download there new single ‘Nuclear Hollywood’ on Google Play, Itunes, and Spotify.

21. Forecast – back with the news

W e welcome back Forecast again. This time with a lot more info. We spoke on what is new in the world of Braden Parnell and Forrest Courtney, what artsts and musicians they would love to work with, and what to expect from there new music.

Follow the link for the new audio podcast Download Here


19. Jimmy Ninja


Hey guys and gals. Welcome back to the show and new Content. I was on a bit of a rollercoaster ride of up and downs but eventually found my way back to you. For our first foray back into the world of Music, I bring you Jimmy Ninja. He was a super cool guy to sit down and listen to. I had very little to add, as he was a fountain of knowledge and experience. He spoke on his music experiences, being a family man, running up and down the roads of america, and his love for mixed martial arts.

You can download the audio version Here.

contact Jim Chaikong for his JuJitsu classes and other programs at 325-333-5489

18. Ominous the Monster & Tony Dent

Alright, If you’ve been keeping up, then you no doubt have been hearing me and others talk about mr. monster. Check out the latest music Interview with guests Ominous the Monster and Tony Dent. We talk about musical influence, doing pull ups on the side of the road in California, and what they enjoy vs. what you enjoy. Boom. Hit play!

Download Here