25. A Systematic Paradox

The guys in A Systematic Paradox stopped by the house to talk about Jamming out on stage in just underwear, different genres of music coming together, and what they hope to achieve as a band and as Individuals.

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New track from AE the 1 and Only “Everybody”.

Alex Eldred and Bad Choices are still pumping out the hits. This new song is an Instant classic and the best performance I have heard from either artist. I am gonna let the music speak for itself on this track. Listen.


New music from ‘Farewell To Fools’


Farewell To Fools has just posted quite a few songs up on Soundcloud. Always a sucker for new music, I gave em a listen. They are really cool tracks and I am glad to finally hear there music. Been one thing or another keeping me from a show. Hopefully that won’t be the case next time.

Farewell to Fools is Ryky Rogers, Brian Harris, Richard Boyle, and Chris Johnson. Excellent lineup including some of them boys from SeViin.

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