New Video Alert! Tony Dent x Knowledge the Wise – Where the Monsters Live

T. Dent and the Know show! I love this video so much! Tony Dent and Knowledge the wise throwdown on the most upbeat and celebratory track I have ever heard from the Ink crew. They come quick and correct and the overall visuals bring a smile to my face.  They seemed to have a blast with shoot. Where the Monsters live. Watch this video! I am about to watch it again. #MiE

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for that new Knowledge the Wise L.P. I hear it is off the chain. Coming late July.

New Track Alert! Wasteland ‘Finch Ave’

Wasteland just dropped a new track, and the duo is on fire. The song ‘Finch Ave.’ opens up with what sounds like an old t.v. show intro then some sweet drums overlay that and things get really interesting. Check out this track and more on there soundcloud.

New Track Alert! MedizenKid – ‘DEMONstration’

The kids back at it with this phenom of a track ‘DEMONstration’ ft. e & Yunng Gambit. The beat has a Mayday feel and just pulls you right in with the synthesized melody. Only thing I could ask of this track now, would be a download. Keep putting out that quality! Check out his song and let us know if you agree.

Rocklahoma- Best, Worst, and Surprises

Let me start this by saying these are opinions based on our experiences and tastes. Greg Crone, Johnny Michelsen, and Myself (Joshua Wheeler) all made it to Rocklahoma this year and, after all the excitement and stories, we wanna let you know how we felt on a few things, Share our vastly differing opinions on the music we all experienced.

First up Greg Crone

Best- Trivium, Clutch, The Cult, Godsmack, Coda Cutlass

Surprises- How heavy Sevendust is. How Dead Horse Trauma handled a large stage and crowd. How I watched 95% of a rap artist set that wasn’t my son (Yelawolf), Butcher Babies brought it. Lzzy Hales voice was a surprise.(Side Note- Gregs Son is Ryan Crone, whos stage name is Smooth Doggy Breath).

Worst- Stone Temple Pearl in Chains, A Perfect Circle, and Tom Queefer.

Johnny Michelsen

Friday Best- Stone Temple Pilots: New singer… You wanna try and hate the guy, but he was a show man and did great keeping up with the songs current and past relevants. Surprise- Yelawolf: He brought his unique style to the table and the fans ate it up. Worst- A Perfect Circle: All that stage set up, what was the pay out? Still waiting… and waiting… Maynard looked like David Bowie’s character from “Labyrinth”

Saturday Best- Ghost: That is one of the best storytelling sets ever. Even if I dont know what the story was. Surprise- LA Velvet: Victoria is smocking hott!?! with a South American accent. You get drawn to her when she opens her mouth. (and she is great at selling merch too. Better hustler than Vincent.) Worst- Vince Neil: Most of the time he got the fans to sing the songs. Luckily he had the best sound guy in the world to pause it like he wanted to have happen. When he did sing, wrong lyric sometimes.

Sunday Best- Poison: Taking a trip down memory lane with all the original members made it more memorable. Tribute to the armed service men and women always a plus. Surprise: Candlebox: Great sound and everything. Talked about suicide awareness, also a plus. Worst- none… Every act kicked ASS!?!

Last but hopefully not least Joshua Wheeler

We arrived Thursday and I was able to catch a few cool shows that night. A band called Kira on the Darkside stage and Dallas band Blackstar Republic. Enjoyed them a ton.

Friday was a great day. Hands down, and I am still riding the musical high, Yelawolf was the end all be all of my Rocklahoma experience. He was the first big show I ever went to and I had been looking forward to seeing him again. I remember the crowd from the first show. I was genuinely scared, it was so rowdy. This time I was thrilled. I was surprised by Sevendust. They have always been a good band, but there live show and stage presence was immense. I enjoyed the lead singers ability to talk to the crowd and entertain. Sadly, I am not a fan of A Perfect Circle. I am barely a Tool fan but really enjoyed the covers that Ultralink would do. I felt like there was a club at the show and I wasn’t a member of it. Like Maynard was speaking a different language I had failed to learn. That and he spent his time in the shadows. I prefer my Vocalists to be in your face.

Saturday was a bit of a recovery day for me, but by the time Powerman 5000 came on I was front row and ready to party. They knew it was hot and showed the crowd no mercy, and didn’t let the sun affect there performance, I mean other than a computer malfunction. It was hot but they dressed to the nines and melted faces. The energy was amazing and I feel like it has really paid to be a longtime fan. I didn’t dislike any of the acts that day but nothing else really stood out for me personally.

Sunday, the day of old school bands and people tired of clothes. My favorite and also surprise of the day was Candlebox. I could not believe the band my mother used to listen to could still throw down and perform better than people half there age. I really enjoyed 10 years. The first song was not grabbing me, but every song after was better , and better. My wife had been telling me to check em out for a while. She was right. Halestorm was good and you could tell the heat was lighting Lzzy up. I didn’t really get into the old Cheap Trick and Poison shows. I was front row for Lynch Mob. They got down!

Thanks for checking out the blog and reading our opinions. Hopefully enjoyed the read, and we would love to hear your opinions on Rocklahoma and the bands.

Cover photo by Johnny Michelsen.