Music Review – Brazos River Outlaws – ‘Smells Like Death EP’

When Brazos River Outlaws stormed the stage and melted our faces at Homers Bar and Music Venue, I ended up with a copy of there E.P. ‘Smells Like Death’. These guys put on a hell of a show and I look forward to seeing them live again.

This Graham, Texas based Heavy Metal band kicked it hard on the track ‘Smells Like Death’. The sound is like a thick, tasty thrash song with a touch of hard grunge. The vocals are impressive as well. They sound raw and gutteral, and at the same time have a clean, and audible lyricism. The guitar riff halfway through is just nasty! I loved it. ‘Old Bitchuary’ is a cool track. It starts off real slow and mellow, and hits a very nice groove. It feels old school, but at the same time fresh. Check out the drums on this one. Not to in your face. They just drive the whole experience for me on this one. This song almost makes me think of the band Down. ‘Sun God’ sounds like a very awesome power groove thrash track. Check out the E.P. for yourself. You can find Brazos River Outlaws on facebook at


Music Review- Riddy K – E.P.’s

I came across Riddy K (Richard King) on Instagram a while back. I got a random like or follow from him on my old acct. Being the person I am, I wanna see what music people are working on. Well I most certainly was not let down. His short vids instantly had my attention. His Rap was fast and his flow was smooth. He very much has a Rittz feel as far first impressions, but as soon as you hear the story he is telling, he stands on his own two feet. It didn’t hurt that he hails from Bakersfield, California. My family on my fathers side is from Fresno. Thats a stones throw away, if ya don’t know. It was like a second home in my younger years. I have been wanting to hear his full e.p.s for some time now. Life sometimes give you what you want. It was on my mind to find his music, when Bam! he releases a facebook post saying he has launched a new website and was giving his music away if you join the mailing list. Go now! So he has ‘The Kronicles of Riddy K’ and ‘The DiRdy’ E.P.

The Kronikles Of Riddy K E.P. Cover

image belongs to Richard King

First up is his 2014 debut e.p. ‘The Kronicles Of Riddy K’. ‘Roll Out’ starts the first track after the intro. He speaks on drug use, his feelings on the culture in his world, and hitting the dollar menu. The beats solid and his flow takes off from the jump. The Hook emphasizes the getting loaded and rolling around in a car life. always on the look out for police, due to distrust and of course the act of breaking the law. The next track is a club banger ‘Outta Control’ where the story is about good times in clubs and liquor, weed, and ladies. The subject is often covered but the shiner in the track is the high intensity and upbeat vocals. ‘Take Off’ is fast, his lyrical enunciation is impressive. I am a big fan of speedy word play. the feature on the track is a guy named Hurricane. He went off as well. Hurricane reminds me of older Royce da 5’9″. ‘Fire’ really reminded me of some early Yelawolf features. He even mentions Eminem on the track. There is a passion to the flow in a song about weed. Anyone who has used an outlet to decompress from life could relate to the track in my opinion. ‘The Darkside’ is like a twist of Twiztid and those dark seedy corners of life. Riddy K is not afraid to speak on the dark in life, from drug use to robbery. Fast flows on this track were killer. ‘Fuck what you say’ is relate able. You haven’t lived my life, felt my pain, or how dare you judge me. The Mortal Kombat Liu Kang reference was entertaining, and Nine Millz featured awesomely on the track. ‘The Kronicles Of Riddy K’ is the titled track finishing off the e.p. He focuses on himself for the first time directly, talking about life experiences and loss. It is a slower more scratchy track but I enjoy when an artist gets personal. That’s where greatness lies.

The DiRdy E.P.

Photo belongs to Richard King

The DiRdy E.P. starts out with him setting a fire to something. ‘Let It Burn’ is the follow up the firestarter. This one features Nine Millz as well. I really like the whipping record scratching on the track. Riddy K comes out swinging, talking about the struggle to succeed and haters trying to hold you down. Great beat and flow. He makes a great statement about not being like everyone else, and drops a sweet Wes Craven bit. ‘Cursed’ is a cool song cause he takes a harsher tone in parts, then hits a smooth flow. It feels like he is daring you to judge him and his art and he is standing strong against how hard life can be. I can relate, just making it through work and paying bills can be so hard, before you ad in family and relationships. ‘DiRdy’ growing up in a gutter. This track makes me think of my Slumerican tattoo. Trying to come up from nothing. I really enjoy how he plays with his voice on a few different tracks. ‘Holding On’ The drums in the intro make me think of old final fantasy games, then the guitar kicks in. The female singing on the track really adds a whole new layer, then he sets off again on a seemless flow of smashing pumpkin lyrics and feelings before going right back into the females vocals. This track has a whole different feel from the rest and is more upbeat despite the struggles. Maybe that is a symbolism for hope? ‘R.I.P.’ is the final track on the E.P. and he does not hold back. It takes you on a fast paced trip through metaphors and emotional stress. The underlying beats put me in a very horror movie state of mind.

Keep in mind these are my opinions and how I see these tracks. Go download his music and let me know what you think. Better yet Tell him what you think!

-Joshua Wheeler

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