Basement Jams 10 Songs for August

Another month, another list. Here we go. 10 songs we have heard and loved this month. Music that stuck with us and got a lot of replays. Any genre and level of Music included.

1.  A.E. the 1 and Only – 2 smart ft. Knowledge the Wise

2. Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl

3. Halestorm – Uncomfortable

4. MedizenKid – Easy Bleedin

5. Ominous the Monster – Set on Fire

6. Texas 223 – Hit The Wall

7. SeVIIn – Skulls

8. Tony Dent & Knowledge the Wise – Where the Monsters Live

9. Pablo Rodriguez – Hard to Explain

10. Yelawolf – Punk ft. Travis Barker and Juicy J

New Track Alert! Lxst Love – Thinking About You.

New track from Lxst Love called thinking about you. I came across this one because it features Medizenkid, RELLICÅ, e, and Yuung Gambit)[prod. e]. Check out the track and lemme know what you think.

New Track Alert! MedizenKid – ‘DEMONstration’

The kids back at it with this phenom of a track ‘DEMONstration’ ft. e & Yunng Gambit. The beat has a Mayday feel and just pulls you right in with the synthesized melody. Only thing I could ask of this track now, would be a download. Keep putting out that quality! Check out his song and let us know if you agree.

New Music Alert. ‘Rena Ro$e’ by Medizenkid

This new track by Medizenkid is off the chain. His R&B is a style I am straight digging. I don’t know what lab is growing all these awesome artists lately but it better keep it up. Give this song a listen and let me know what you think of his voice. The track is very calm almost haunting, and the his voice just sounds like it has seen some pain.
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