27. A.E. the 1 and only

Alex Eldred a.k.a. A.E. the 1 and only came to the Basement Jams Garage and got his Interview on. We talked about his early musical tastes, shooting videos, staying consistent, his love of his closest friends, and many other subjects. Check out Alex Eldred on
Instagram – @aetha_1and_only
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007581526001
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/user-214683398
Youtube – search A.E. the 1 and only
MiE dropping new E.P.s
Ominous the Monster – Rhythm Rose July 31st
Knowledge the Wise – Gettin Grown Late July
Bad Choices – The Remission August
A.E. – 2L Hip Hop September 1st
Tony Dent – New Album 2019.

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26. Christopher Winkles

On the latest episode of Basement Jams Podcast our guest was Homer’s Bar and Music Venue Owner Operator Christopher Glen Winkles. We even did the whole interview live on the stage at Homer’s! it was a great time and we are planning many more live podcasts. Audio was even engineered by Vincent Tucker. I was very hands off. Thanks for the sweet intro Vincent. I stepped up on the stage to discuss many topics with Chris. He talked about the bar life, his love of music, being a big supporter of local artists and painters, and so much more. Listen and learn about a music venue doing its best to keep supporting music and bring you new and enjoyable entertainment.

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24. Terry Torregrossa of Rock Show Revival

Terry joined us on the show to discuss his upcoming solo work to promote Rock Show Revival as well as when they will be on stage together next. We discussed his favorite memories, coping with the loss of an Idol, his absolute love for music, and how the new recordings are coming along.

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Live Review: Yelawolf at Rocklahoma

To quote my lovely wife “If Rocklahoma was a competition, Yelawolf won the whole damn thing.” Now that is coming from a person who only really listens to him when I make her. I was so proud hearing that. I ditched out on seeing Stone Temple Pilots to get first row at the River Casino stage. So worth it. When Yelawolf hit the stage the crowd went wild. He was dressed in his Slumerican shirt, vest and skinny jeans. Odd jean choice but my wife liked it.

Now I know some of the people in the crowd wanted to hear him perform some oldies like Daddy’s Lambo and Let’s Roll, but he stuck mostly to tracks from Love Story, Trunk Muzik Returns, and his new Trial By Fire. He did however do a sing along of ‘Pop The Trunk’. At one point he cracked a beer, and offered it to a guy in the crowd who more or less caught it. Not 30 seconds later Yelawolf grabs thw micstand off the stage tosses it into the crowd. The whole place goes wild and I was later told two guys fought over the stand for 4 songs till staff took it back. Now if you haven’t heard, Yelawolf hired a whole band worth of musicians to tour with him. It gives his music this crazy full and heavy sound. He even hired a fiddler. I know he is currently looking for a name to call them. I can’t explain how heavy his music sounded and the joy I felt at the climax of such a long wait to finally see one of my favorite artist. As a side note, Slumericam shirts were finally in stock at the merch booth and they were selling like hot cakes. I had to rush and get one soon as I saw them. Finally I got mine. To close out his set, Yelawolf performed ‘Punk’. The original track features Travis Barker on drums and Juicy J. On stage his new drummer knocked it put of the park. If you wanna have a great experience, stage dive, crowd surf, have a pit, or just jam go check out a Yelawolf show. We will see him again soon at the River City Rockfest Sept. 22nd.

– Joshua Wheeler

Closing A Chapter- Vince Neil at Rocklahoma

This blog post is gonna be a very personal one. When I was still in school, like middle school, my father had an accident and passed away. I remember I was at a friends when I got the news. I fought like hell to stay there cause I just could not process. Before my father passed away, he told me he was gonna take me to see Motley Crue in Lubbock, Tx. I didn’t have a lot in common with him at the time, so going to see some music for the first time was exciting. That show came and went because of the accident. It was always there in the back of my mind. Live music. Motley Crue. A relationship that might have been. Years later, I finally tried going to a show. We were all set to see Damageplan! They were stopping in Dallas on that tour. Of course you already know how that turned out. I gave up any thought of live music. Until one day I learned about local bands playing and jumped into it head first, never looking back.

Jump forward to Rocklahoma. I’m sitting at the Bud Light stage and enjoying the show. Vince Neil suddenly comes on stage and I am immediately that child again. Waiting to go see Motley Crue with my dad. I got very emotional and choked up a little. Now as much as I was in my feelings, time had not been kind for ol Vince. I know a hard partying life can catch up too you, and it caught him in spades. I enjoyed hearing those old Crue songs and hearing the crowd sing, but Vince has had better days. Nothing against him, just an old music vet out there doing what he still loves. After the set was over and the crowd started to disperse, I just felt like a little weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Weight ive carried way to long. Thank you Vince Neil, for the performance and emotional cleansing. And to my have in heaven, I hope you know I didn’t hate you, I just didn’t really know you. We were destined to walk different paths, though the stories I’ve been told recently make me think that fork in the road would have become a converging lane again. Rest in peace and watch over your sons.

– Joshua Wheeler

Basement Jams

Rocklahoma through the eyes of Johnny.

We have selected a few pictures from contributor Johnny Michelsen to give you a taste of his journey through Rocklahoma. From campgrounds to Main Stage, he experienced it all. For more photos and insights go check out Johnny on Facebook.

All photos by Johnny Michelsen.

We will be sharing more on our experience very soon.