New Track Alert! Bad Choices – ‘On My Mind’

Bad Choices hit me up last night to say he dropped a new track. ‘On My Mind’ is up now on soundcloud and he is asking for your feedback. I personally am impressed with his ever growing skills and complexity of lyrics. He has a steady tone to his flow then out of nowhere he can change it up and increase his speed. I also love the genuine feeling I get from this cat when he speaks. Like every word is life. Check out his new track here and drop him a line.

New Track Alert! Mr. Neva Die- “Welcome 2 Da South”

Houston Artist Eternal aka Mr. Neva Die just released his new track “Welcome 2 Da South Featuring #YuhBoiJo. Song was produced by BamBamBeat$. The Hook on this song is catchy. It is stuck in my head right now. The flow of the beats and the vocals are a smooth intermingling of calm and easy relaxing. You can just groove to this one. Sometimes all we need is a chill track and a drink to relax. Check out the song and let Eternal know how ya feel!

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New Music Alert. ‘Rena Ro$e’ by Medizenkid

This new track by Medizenkid is off the chain. His R&B is a style I am straight digging. I don’t know what lab is growing all these awesome artists lately but it better keep it up. Give this song a listen and let me know what you think of his voice. The track is very calm almost haunting, and the his voice just sounds like it has seen some pain.
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New track from Bad Choices!

Bad Choices dropped a new track today. It is titled ‘Own Advice’ with a feature from the abominable snowman Ominous the Monster. Quality over Quantity is the rule you should go by, but these MiE guys are breaking all the rules. Quantity in Quality it seems. Check out the track.