New Track Alert! Lxst Love – Thinking About You.

New track from Lxst Love called thinking about you. I came across this one because it features Medizenkid, RELLICÅ, e, and Yuung Gambit)[prod. e]. Check out the track and lemme know what you think.

New Track Alert! Wasteland- Ode to Melancholy

Check out the latest release from Wasteland. The flow on this track is sick. These guys are a force to watch out for. The vocals on this track are fierce. Give it a listen and tell me what you think? Agree? Disagree? What up?

New Track Alert! Wasteland-‘Remember Us While We’re Still Here’

Wasteland are two Austin based artists. Tyelur Watkins goes by Buttery T and Alexander Faulkenberry goes by the much shorter Faulk. Tyelur reached out after hearing about the page from Medizenkid. I am more than happy to check out new music and give my thoughts. When I first heard this track, It made me think of Rammstein just off the background sound. That low dark ominous sound, but then you add a beat and some higher pitch bells and you have the recipe for a very tight beat. The vocals are very different from a lot of rap I have been listening to lately. It very much makes me think of a serious Lil Dicky. Not in style but in vocal cadence or that deep monotone sound. I am more of a high speed rap fan, just like I like my metal, but I did not dislike the slower pace and rhythm of this track. Overall I am impressed. Word is they are dropping a new one tomorrow at 5 p.m. Check these guys out on Instagram at then please let us know what you think as well!