New Song Release! Shoot Yourself – ‘Shoes’ Exclusively on Basement Jams

I have had some cool and interesting opportunities in music since I started Basement Jams, but nothing makes me happier than when a band reaches out to me. Shoot Yourself has asked Basement Jams to release there new single ‘Shoes’. We couldn’t be more happy with this request. Shoot Yourself is Justin Smith on Guitar, Hayley Cherie on Bass, and Zac Clinard on Drums and Vocals. All the tracking was done by Justin and will be under the bands indie label Poop Banana. It was an honor to receive this request, and I am proud to present the bands first single. Check out this song, download it, spread it like wildfire! #ShootYourself #Shoes

Download the song Here!


New music from ‘Farewell To Fools’


Farewell To Fools has just posted quite a few songs up on Soundcloud. Always a sucker for new music, I gave em a listen. They are really cool tracks and I am glad to finally hear there music. Been one thing or another keeping me from a show. Hopefully that won’t be the case next time.

Farewell to Fools is Ryky Rogers, Brian Harris, Richard Boyle, and Chris Johnson. Excellent lineup including some of them boys from SeViin.

Follow Farewell To Fools on Facebook Here and Soundcloud Here.