New Track Alert! Music from Bad Choices and Ominous the Monster.

The guys in the MiE crew are putting in that work. With steady releases over the next quarter, there is no reason to not be listening to a record from these guys.

Bad Choices is still putting out tracks and feeling the draw of the studio. His album The Remission comes out in August. His latest release, Trap Talk, is just another example of the passion and life going into his craft. I am looking forward to the day I can get him in a chair for a podcast and pick his brain. Check out his new song. I really enjoy the Hook.

Bad Choices – Trap Talk

Ominous the Monster is amping us all up with a taste of his 5 track e.p. Rhythm Rose releasing July 31st. The emotions are real with this track, simply titled ‘R’. Check his track list for an explanation on that. This song speaks of insecurity and the secrets we keep from the world. Ominous himself told me this is some of his best work to date. Check it out.
Ominous the Monster – R

P.s. Knowledge the Wise dropping Gettin Grown any day now!

27. A.E. the 1 and only

Alex Eldred a.k.a. A.E. the 1 and only came to the Basement Jams Garage and got his Interview on. We talked about his early musical tastes, shooting videos, staying consistent, his love of his closest friends, and many other subjects. Check out Alex Eldred on
Instagram – @aetha_1and_only
Facebook –
Soundcloud –
Youtube – search A.E. the 1 and only
MiE dropping new E.P.s
Ominous the Monster – Rhythm Rose July 31st
Knowledge the Wise – Gettin Grown Late July
Bad Choices – The Remission August
A.E. – 2L Hip Hop September 1st
Tony Dent – New Album 2019.

Download the Podcast Here!



26. Christopher Winkles

On the latest episode of Basement Jams Podcast our guest was Homer’s Bar and Music Venue Owner Operator Christopher Glen Winkles. We even did the whole interview live on the stage at Homer’s! it was a great time and we are planning many more live podcasts. Audio was even engineered by Vincent Tucker. I was very hands off. Thanks for the sweet intro Vincent. I stepped up on the stage to discuss many topics with Chris. He talked about the bar life, his love of music, being a big supporter of local artists and painters, and so much more. Listen and learn about a music venue doing its best to keep supporting music and bring you new and enjoyable entertainment.

Download the episode Here!



New Song Release! Shoot Yourself – ‘Shoes’ Exclusively on Basement Jams

I have had some cool and interesting opportunities in music since I started Basement Jams, but nothing makes me happier than when a band reaches out to me. Shoot Yourself has asked Basement Jams to release there new single ‘Shoes’. We couldn’t be more happy with this request. Shoot Yourself is Justin Smith on Guitar, Hayley Cherie on Bass, and Zac Clinard on Drums and Vocals. All the tracking was done by Justin and will be under the bands indie label Poop Banana. It was an honor to receive this request, and I am proud to present the bands first single. Check out this song, download it, spread it like wildfire! #ShootYourself #Shoes

Download the song Here!