Episode 3 of Tadd Didn’t Graduate.

Hey, welcome back for another weekly episode of our phrase and saying definition show with a comedy slant. Enjoy.

Ominous the Monster on deck with the new Music!

While just past the point of being called new, I didn’t get to share this one and it is well worth it. Somers Town : East is a 3 track release from Ominous the monster. I’ve praised this mans musical talent enough, you already know the tracks are dope. Lyrically, this is some of his most aggressive and sexual content. While that is not always my cup of tea, he always has a message behind the music. Do not just hear the music. Really listen.

New Show! Tadd Didn’t Graduate. Ep. 1 Out Now.

We have launched our first weekly show. It is a 2 person conversation on slang words and definitions. Our brand of humor is involved so beware of language and other dirty things. Give us your feedback. We will be working to improve each and every episode. If you have some words we should use, or would like to be a guest, hit us up. Keep an eye out for more of this and many, many other projects. Enjoy!!