New Album Release! Bad Choices – The Remission

The Remission just released and I was excited to get the message. This guys been on my radar since he dropped his first feature on Ominous the Monsters last full album. He wasn’t bad coming out the gate, but his skill has just multiplied in the short time. 2 tracks on to his album and he is running paces around his own hooks. Not one to mince words, choices is clear cut about his life and Intentions. He is down for his and takes no guff and needs no explanations. Respect that. If you have followed him, you are already familiar with a few tracks, but there is a ton of beef in this supreme. With the full support and backing of his Monsters Ink Entertainment crew, Bad Choices has a solid first album. Goon Call fts  Ominous the Monster, who brought the fire. Pissed and Drink fts Knowledge the Wise. Struggle Addicts fts Tony Dent. Great features and some of my favorite tracks. Bad Choices. Check out this album and let me hear your opinions. The Remission is also available for download on iTunes and google play. 

Listen to Intro by Bad Choices #np on #SoundCloud

New Album Alert! Ominous the Monster – Rhythm Rose EP

I am a little late to the show but Ominous the Monster has dropped another crazy grip of tracks. Rhythm Rose, named for that most dear to his heart, is a 5 track EP. The title of each track is a single letter, which adds up to BRIAN. The monster himself said he felt like this was on par or better than his album ‘A Beautiful Sin’. I am here to tell you, it totally is. We are all monsters, most of us just hide it. Ominous wears his pain, insecurities, and fears on his chest like a badge of pride. You feel his struggle, so that means your gonna feel his rise too. If anyone should be rewarded for there hard work and talent, it is the MiE crew. For a taste of each ones talent, prep the last track, featuring Bad Choices, Tony Dent, and Knowledge the Wise. Monster stand up #MiE  

Listen to Rhythm Rose EP by Ominous the Monster #np on #SoundCloud

Album Review. Knowledge the Wise – Gettin’ Grown

Knowledge the Wise has just dropped his new album Gettin’ Grown. I have been waiting for this drop since it was announced. I first heard of Knowledge when I started getting into Ominous the Monster a few years back. I was downloading Ominous mixtapes and came across the ‘For No Reason’ mixtape featuring both artist. Find it at this link! It was a surprise, the lyrical acrobats these guys were doing. So finally I get to listen to ‘Gettin’ Grown’.

Follow me down this rabbit hole of wonder…..

Track 1. Sam Langford – I have always liked how Knowledge can speed up and slow down his flow and it is does not interfere with the tracks flow. Right out the gate he hits you with heavy issues he has or does deal with, like drugs and becoming a different beast. No facsimiles here, Knowledge is one of a kind.

Track 2. Grow Up – This track has a fast pace and flow I really enjoyed. I like the message here, raise yourself up out of the environment you were placed in. That is my take. Growing up in the gutter.

Track 3. Thief – If you are a fan of Knowledge, then you are already familiar with this banger of a song.

Track 4. Tribes – This track has Tony Dent on it. You can never have to much Dent! The beats on this album are impressive and I really like the piano and sax on the track. As far as hooks go, this song is stand out. It feels dangerous without being threatening.

Track 5. Drown Together – This song slows down the pace of the album. Can’t have the foot on the gas the whole time. I am always a fan of a female singer but I feel like she was a little overpowered by the song itself. I enjoyed the track and knowledge stood above the audio but this one wasn’t my favorite.

Track 6. I Know You – This one brings out the general. Ominous the Monster. The opening audio sounds like chains dropping on the ground or a man chained up in a slow powerful gait. Pretty cool opening. The music started slower and the lyrics were on point at a strong rhythm. I was thinking we were in for another slower track, then bam!  Knowledge doubles down his pace. This is the perfect spot on the album for the track.

Track 7. Space – This is a track about relationships and it pretty awesome. It starts out slow and is more spoken word than rap but that isn’t holding it back. Insecurity, dependence, pain, and fear. This one hit me.

Track 8. 925 – I usually do not dig repetitive word play but it is done in such a way that it makes sense. It is like an exclamation point to the situation being described. As a guy who has worked his ass off since he was 17, I felt the hell out of this song. Follow your dreams not the daily grind of work.

Track 9. Machine – As soon as I saw Bad Choices was on the track I could not wait to get to this one. Mr. Bad has come leaps and bounds from his debut feature on Ominous last album. I AM A FUCKING MACHINE! Then Knowledge comes in with the swift lips, cleaning up any swag left on the track. Only thing I did not agree with was the drawing out of a few words on Knowledge part. Solid track all around.

Track 10. Don’t  Read My Diary – Just listen to this one! I wanna speak on it but just listen.

Track 11. God Willin’ – This track takes it back to the funky sexy beats, and raises the emotions back to a happier setting. This one kinda reminded me of some old school hip hop, like some Tupac. The feature from Trilla cements that feeling. He had some killer speed burst in his verse as well. I wanna look into this artist.

Track 12. Persist – Another song long time fans will be familiar with. Check this one out for yourself. Will Smith would dig it. James Bond too.

Track 13. Thinkin’ – The song starts out like a classic melancholy rock song with the guitar sound. It is a smooth mellow track that touches on the things swirling around in his head about his family, music and otherwise.

Overall this album is really worth the wait. I feel like I know Knowledge the Wise a little better as a person, having heard each track. It is a hard life to lay it all out and be judged. Keep your head up and remember, everything you do effects someone else. Knowledge the Wise has made my life better with his music. I have shared some great times with my old co-worker listening to Knowledge, and take every chance I get to spread the word. #Ink #MiE P.S. that Hidden Track Though!!


New Song Release! Shoot Yourself – ‘Shoes’ Exclusively on Basement Jams

I have had some cool and interesting opportunities in music since I started Basement Jams, but nothing makes me happier than when a band reaches out to me. Shoot Yourself has asked Basement Jams to release there new single ‘Shoes’. We couldn’t be more happy with this request. Shoot Yourself is Justin Smith on Guitar, Hayley Cherie on Bass, and Zac Clinard on Drums and Vocals. All the tracking was done by Justin and will be under the bands indie label Poop Banana. It was an honor to receive this request, and I am proud to present the bands first single. Check out this song, download it, spread it like wildfire! #ShootYourself #Shoes

Download the song Here!

Mixtape Review – Pablo Piccasso -“The Wonder Years”

Pablo Piccasso

Pablo – photo and editing by P.T. Davilla

Before I get into the mixtape, Pablo is a fresh breath of air for the rap game. Word play is amazing, delivery is solid, beats are good, and features are incomparable. He’s a down south rapper with a east coast feel. If you haven’t listened to him yet, I would highly recommend it. “The Wonder Years Mixtape” is one of my favorite local mixtapes to date. The intro really shows off Piccasso’s talent in the bars and delivery, just like an intro should. He says ” I would say elite, but the rhymes so unique ” which this sums up the whole mixtape pretty well. The follow up track is my personal favorite through out the whole mixtape. In “Heavy Artillery” Pablo opens the track with some really dope word play, letting the listener know he got some big guns rhyming and street wise. Now the problem when artist go hard on a track like this, is finding the right person to Feature with, but Fade Dogg does well keeping the listeners on the same level of hypeness. An amazing track all in all. Next track is “Snakes” with Chief the Seminole nothing really stands out with the track pretty average DSE music. Track well produce, recorded and delivered. The next songs “All love ” and “Leave Em Like Uggggghhhhhh” I give big props to Pablo Piccasso. Most artists are scared to do something different than there use it, but not Pablo, and he does a damn good job at switching up too. These songs keep you hyped. They are my 2 “go to” tracks when I’m showing people he’s music, next to “one day” and “Heavy Artillery”. “Low Key” is Pablo Picasso all the way. The style of music we are use to for the past decade. Showing the listeners why he’s one of the ones with the best word play in all of west Texas. The bars in the song are straight fire. “What They Want Me To Say” was my least favorite on the Mix. Just felt lazy compared to the other bangers on the tape. Then as the bonus track they added the song I mentioned previously “One Day” which is a song pretty much everyone can relate to. This track is by far one of my favorites from Pablo. You just need to hear it. Me describing it doesn’t justify the goodness of this track. The 8 song mixtape is really well put together over all. You could tell Pablo was trying something different with this project and it worked. I rate this a 4 out of 5 Josh’s cowboy hat.

-Sam Ramirez Basement Jams and Josh and Tadd make a Podcast O.G.

Music Review- Riddy K – E.P.’s

I came across Riddy K (Richard King) on Instagram a while back. I got a random like or follow from him on my old acct. Being the person I am, I wanna see what music people are working on. Well I most certainly was not let down. His short vids instantly had my attention. His Rap was fast and his flow was smooth. He very much has a Rittz feel as far first impressions, but as soon as you hear the story he is telling, he stands on his own two feet. It didn’t hurt that he hails from Bakersfield, California. My family on my fathers side is from Fresno. Thats a stones throw away, if ya don’t know. It was like a second home in my younger years. I have been wanting to hear his full e.p.s for some time now. Life sometimes give you what you want. It was on my mind to find his music, when Bam! he releases a facebook post saying he has launched a new website and was giving his music away if you join the mailing list. Go now! So he has ‘The Kronicles of Riddy K’ and ‘The DiRdy’ E.P.

The Kronikles Of Riddy K E.P. Cover

image belongs to Richard King

First up is his 2014 debut e.p. ‘The Kronicles Of Riddy K’. ‘Roll Out’ starts the first track after the intro. He speaks on drug use, his feelings on the culture in his world, and hitting the dollar menu. The beats solid and his flow takes off from the jump. The Hook emphasizes the getting loaded and rolling around in a car life. always on the look out for police, due to distrust and of course the act of breaking the law. The next track is a club banger ‘Outta Control’ where the story is about good times in clubs and liquor, weed, and ladies. The subject is often covered but the shiner in the track is the high intensity and upbeat vocals. ‘Take Off’ is fast, his lyrical enunciation is impressive. I am a big fan of speedy word play. the feature on the track is a guy named Hurricane. He went off as well. Hurricane reminds me of older Royce da 5’9″. ‘Fire’ really reminded me of some early Yelawolf features. He even mentions Eminem on the track. There is a passion to the flow in a song about weed. Anyone who has used an outlet to decompress from life could relate to the track in my opinion. ‘The Darkside’ is like a twist of Twiztid and those dark seedy corners of life. Riddy K is not afraid to speak on the dark in life, from drug use to robbery. Fast flows on this track were killer. ‘Fuck what you say’ is relate able. You haven’t lived my life, felt my pain, or how dare you judge me. The Mortal Kombat Liu Kang reference was entertaining, and Nine Millz featured awesomely on the track. ‘The Kronicles Of Riddy K’ is the titled track finishing off the e.p. He focuses on himself for the first time directly, talking about life experiences and loss. It is a slower more scratchy track but I enjoy when an artist gets personal. That’s where greatness lies.

The DiRdy E.P.

Photo belongs to Richard King

The DiRdy E.P. starts out with him setting a fire to something. ‘Let It Burn’ is the follow up the firestarter. This one features Nine Millz as well. I really like the whipping record scratching on the track. Riddy K comes out swinging, talking about the struggle to succeed and haters trying to hold you down. Great beat and flow. He makes a great statement about not being like everyone else, and drops a sweet Wes Craven bit. ‘Cursed’ is a cool song cause he takes a harsher tone in parts, then hits a smooth flow. It feels like he is daring you to judge him and his art and he is standing strong against how hard life can be. I can relate, just making it through work and paying bills can be so hard, before you ad in family and relationships. ‘DiRdy’ growing up in a gutter. This track makes me think of my Slumerican tattoo. Trying to come up from nothing. I really enjoy how he plays with his voice on a few different tracks. ‘Holding On’ The drums in the intro make me think of old final fantasy games, then the guitar kicks in. The female singing on the track really adds a whole new layer, then he sets off again on a seemless flow of smashing pumpkin lyrics and feelings before going right back into the females vocals. This track has a whole different feel from the rest and is more upbeat despite the struggles. Maybe that is a symbolism for hope? ‘R.I.P.’ is the final track on the E.P. and he does not hold back. It takes you on a fast paced trip through metaphors and emotional stress. The underlying beats put me in a very horror movie state of mind.

Keep in mind these are my opinions and how I see these tracks. Go download his music and let me know what you think. Better yet Tell him what you think!

-Joshua Wheeler

Basement Jams