Knowledge the Wise has just dropped his new album Gettin’ Grown. I have been waiting for this drop since it was announced. I first heard of Knowledge when I started getting into Ominous the Monster a few years back. I was downloading Ominous mixtapes and came across the ‘For No Reason’ mixtape featuring both artist. Find it at this link! It was a surprise, the lyrical acrobats these guys were doing. So finally I get to listen to ‘Gettin’ Grown’.

Follow me down this rabbit hole of wonder…..

Track 1. Sam Langford – I have always liked how Knowledge can speed up and slow down his flow and it is does not interfere with the tracks flow. Right out the gate he hits you with heavy issues he has or does deal with, like drugs and becoming a different beast. No facsimiles here, Knowledge is one of a kind.

Track 2. Grow Up – This track has a fast pace and flow I really enjoyed. I like the message here, raise yourself up out of the environment you were placed in. That is my take. Growing up in the gutter.

Track 3. Thief – If you are a fan of Knowledge, then you are already familiar with this banger of a song.

Track 4. Tribes – This track has Tony Dent on it. You can never have to much Dent! The beats on this album are impressive and I really like the piano and sax on the track. As far as hooks go, this song is stand out. It feels dangerous without being threatening.

Track 5. Drown Together – This song slows down the pace of the album. Can’t have the foot on the gas the whole time. I am always a fan of a female singer but I feel like she was a little overpowered by the song itself. I enjoyed the track and knowledge stood above the audio but this one wasn’t my favorite.

Track 6. I Know You – This one brings out the general. Ominous the Monster. The opening audio sounds like chains dropping on the ground or a man chained up in a slow powerful gait. Pretty cool opening. The music started slower and the lyrics were on point at a strong rhythm. I was thinking we were in for another slower track, then bam!  Knowledge doubles down his pace. This is the perfect spot on the album for the track.

Track 7. Space – This is a track about relationships and it pretty awesome. It starts out slow and is more spoken word than rap but that isn’t holding it back. Insecurity, dependence, pain, and fear. This one hit me.

Track 8. 925 – I usually do not dig repetitive word play but it is done in such a way that it makes sense. It is like an exclamation point to the situation being described. As a guy who has worked his ass off since he was 17, I felt the hell out of this song. Follow your dreams not the daily grind of work.

Track 9. Machine – As soon as I saw Bad Choices was on the track I could not wait to get to this one. Mr. Bad has come leaps and bounds from his debut feature on Ominous last album. I AM A FUCKING MACHINE! Then Knowledge comes in with the swift lips, cleaning up any swag left on the track. Only thing I did not agree with was the drawing out of a few words on Knowledge part. Solid track all around.

Track 10. Don’t  Read My Diary – Just listen to this one! I wanna speak on it but just listen.

Track 11. God Willin’ – This track takes it back to the funky sexy beats, and raises the emotions back to a happier setting. This one kinda reminded me of some old school hip hop, like some Tupac. The feature from Trilla cements that feeling. He had some killer speed burst in his verse as well. I wanna look into this artist.

Track 12. Persist – Another song long time fans will be familiar with. Check this one out for yourself. Will Smith would dig it. James Bond too.

Track 13. Thinkin’ – The song starts out like a classic melancholy rock song with the guitar sound. It is a smooth mellow track that touches on the things swirling around in his head about his family, music and otherwise.

Overall this album is really worth the wait. I feel like I know Knowledge the Wise a little better as a person, having heard each track. It is a hard life to lay it all out and be judged. Keep your head up and remember, everything you do effects someone else. Knowledge the Wise has made my life better with his music. I have shared some great times with my old co-worker listening to Knowledge, and take every chance I get to spread the word. #Ink #MiE P.S. that Hidden Track Though!!


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