New Track Alert! Music from Bad Choices and Ominous the Monster.

The guys in the MiE crew are putting in that work. With steady releases over the next quarter, there is no reason to not be listening to a record from these guys.

Bad Choices is still putting out tracks and feeling the draw of the studio. His album The Remission comes out in August. His latest release, Trap Talk, is just another example of the passion and life going into his craft. I am looking forward to the day I can get him in a chair for a podcast and pick his brain. Check out his new song. I really enjoy the Hook.

Bad Choices – Trap Talk

Ominous the Monster is amping us all up with a taste of his 5 track e.p. Rhythm Rose releasing July 31st. The emotions are real with this track, simply titled ‘R’. Check his track list for an explanation on that. This song speaks of insecurity and the secrets we keep from the world. Ominous himself told me this is some of his best work to date. Check it out.
Ominous the Monster – R

P.s. Knowledge the Wise dropping Gettin Grown any day now!

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