Basement Jams 10 songs for July 18

I am gonna start doing a monthly list of 10 songs we love. It is in no order, and is from all genres, but it is music we have gone back to several times after hearing it. All music, all the time here at the Basement Jams central. If you have any suggestions for artists or songs we should listen to, let us know!

  1. Eternal aka Mr. Neva Die – Welcome 2 Da South ft. #YuhBoiJo

2. A.E. the 1 and Only – Stranger Things Season 3 Ft. MedizenKid

3. BlackStar Republic – Nuclear Hollywood

4.Struggle & Jelly Roll – Feeling No Pain

5. Kind Liars – Small Town Betty

6. Riddy K – Slow Down ft. Melo

7. Rear Naked Choke – Wardrum

8. Bobaflex – Lights out

9. JayBee – Prayer

10. Agnis – Doom

There you have it folks. 10 tracks for July. We will have 10 more for you each month. Hope you enjoy.

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