Pablo Piccasso

Pablo – photo and editing by P.T. Davilla

Before I get into the mixtape, Pablo is a fresh breath of air for the rap game. Word play is amazing, delivery is solid, beats are good, and features are incomparable. He’s a down south rapper with a east coast feel. If you haven’t listened to him yet, I would highly recommend it. “The Wonder Years Mixtape” is one of my favorite local mixtapes to date. The intro really shows off Piccasso’s talent in the bars and delivery, just like an intro should. He says ” I would say elite, but the rhymes so unique ” which this sums up the whole mixtape pretty well. The follow up track is my personal favorite through out the whole mixtape. In “Heavy Artillery” Pablo opens the track with some really dope word play, letting the listener know he got some big guns rhyming and street wise. Now the problem when artist go hard on a track like this, is finding the right person to Feature with, but Fade Dogg does well keeping the listeners on the same level of hypeness. An amazing track all in all. Next track is “Snakes” with Chief the Seminole nothing really stands out with the track pretty average DSE music. Track well produce, recorded and delivered. The next songs “All love ” and “Leave Em Like Uggggghhhhhh” I give big props to Pablo Piccasso. Most artists are scared to do something different than there use it, but not Pablo, and he does a damn good job at switching up too. These songs keep you hyped. They are my 2 “go to” tracks when I’m showing people he’s music, next to “one day” and “Heavy Artillery”. “Low Key” is Pablo Picasso all the way. The style of music we are use to for the past decade. Showing the listeners why he’s one of the ones with the best word play in all of west Texas. The bars in the song are straight fire. “What They Want Me To Say” was my least favorite on the Mix. Just felt lazy compared to the other bangers on the tape. Then as the bonus track they added the song I mentioned previously “One Day” which is a song pretty much everyone can relate to. This track is by far one of my favorites from Pablo. You just need to hear it. Me describing it doesn’t justify the goodness of this track. The 8 song mixtape is really well put together over all. You could tell Pablo was trying something different with this project and it worked. I rate this a 4 out of 5 Josh’s cowboy hat.

-Sam Ramirez Basement Jams and Josh and Tadd make a Podcast O.G.

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