Live Music Review- Primal Concrete Cowboys

By Johnny Michelsen-

Primal Concrete Cowboys put on a clinic Saturday night at Firehouse Bar. If you missed out… I hope you were busy doing other things because this was a must see show. 90 minutes of metal covering the best of Pantera and nothing was a disappointment through the live music. The only I could knock on is the bartender for not know what a blacktooth grin drink was. Sure it is a novelty drink, but its PANTERA related.

Jesse Herringer on vocals rocked it only was possible. He may be pussy when it comes to drinking beer (he said it himself by drinking budlight not budweiser), but gives great vocals to the songs. Jim Crye dressed the part of Dimebag and was spot on with every guitar solo to every song played. Chris Herring on the bass. No picks never to thumb that bass. Great stage presence. Jeff Gerhardt did the beat of the drums, but lacked a little bit on the look of Vinnie Paul and the stick twirl that would be played regularly, but the beats were spot on.
After the show ended at midnight, the DJ at the bar reminded everyone that bar closes at 2a.m. and everyone should do more drinking, then started playing 80s rock music. Being a rock music enthusiast, I knew DJ wasn’t up to date on similar music style, but if he was going for what Pantera grew up listening to, he hit the right play list.

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