First Rocklahoma experiences

We had a long hard day full of drama, misfortune, and butts falling asleep. We finally arrive at 730 p.m. and get camp setup. I’m excited to be here but disappointed at the same time. I had been looking forward to seeing Blackstar Republic but had missed there set. The day however decided I needed a win. Bryan Brown from the band hit me up and let me know they had a few troubles but

sorted it out and were about to hit the stage. I was surprised but my poor internet connection put me 15 minutes behind. I was not gonna let that stop me. I marched my friends across the festival and showed up just in time to get my face melted. I even hung around after the set to have a podcast interview. Stay tuned for that. Now we are all back at our campsite with the noise, ticks, drunks, drinks, and still having fun. P.s. thanks Mykel. The gift was badass.

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