Rocklahoma Festival Advice from Johnny Michelsen

With Rocklahoma just around the corner and many rock fans storming to Pryor to have a great time and party with other rock fans, there will always be situations that could ruin your great time at the festival. Being at the festival many times, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of the festival. I’m here to share with you, my experiences that will increase the great times you can have at the festival. Here are my 5 tips:
1. Pace yourself/space yourself
If you go the whole time and experience everything, you are going for over 26 hours of live music in 3 and half days. That is more music than most people go in a month to a year. Set times will be revealed soon and you will know when to take a break, sit down, eat, etc. while the band(s) are performing. Anywhere you go, you will hear the live music anyways.
And be sure to pace yourself. Don’t be like my friend Jeff Zuyus (he approves this comment). He got sick from over drinking, causing him to miss one whole day of live music. Water is your friend. Food is your friend. Getting away from the action is your friend.
2. Be sure to bring a friend to experience the festival with.
Words will not and can not be explained in the amount of fun you will have at the festival. Festivals are great and you will want to come again next year, even if its all Nickelback on stage for the entire festival. As long as you got your buddy with you to experience the festival with, gonna be a great experience.
3. Bring everything for any kind of weather condition
It is an outdoor venue. If you are reading this, you probably driving 8 hours or more to get to the venue. Bring everything you can for any weather. Rain could happen. Thunder could happen. High winds… Expect the unexpected. Sunblock/sunscreen is useful. There could be sunny days ahead.
Texas people. If you are a beer drinker, bring your own beer. You are going to Oklahoma where the beer is not as strong compared to what people in surrounding states are used to. On Sunday, the festival does not sell liquor. If you happen to have your own, bring the bottle and have a great time pacing/spacing
5. Bring a positive attitude
Everyone is there to have great time. Have fun, make new friends. Enjoy the experience. Hug a soldier. This is YOUR vacation. Don’t be stupid by being angry.

-Johnny Michelsen

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