Music Review-Chief the Seminole

A little while back, we had an awesome guest in Chief the Seminole. He was a very cool guy, easy going, and very open to the podcast process. He even reshot the Interview when I messed up the original video. I gotta love em for that alone. I always try and check out music before I interview someone. I knew going in to the Interview that I liked his music.

Now here we are a year later and I am jamming his music on a weekly basis. So, I want to review his music and see If I can convince you to give it a listen.

For starters, his releases so far are:

Mi Vida is his first album

Let’s Play is his re-released second album

Self Portrait was his first mixtape

Memory Lane is almost ready to release

Something To Offer is his next project


Im gonna focus on ‘Let’s Play’ and ‘Self Portrait’. Now the first thing I usually do on a c.d. is check the features. Doesn’t matter if your joe blo from the block or Eminem, that’s just what I do. Immediately I was excited to see artists like Fade Dogg, Poetic Thug,Eternal, and Pablo Piccasso. I have listen to many a track from these guys. Next comes the actual listening. I am quickly sucked in to the track ‘Texas Creed’. It is my go to when I tell people about Chief. It has a great hook and really invokes my pride in the place I grew up. The voice coming out of the speakers is just a complete surprise when you sit in the room with him. He is such a soft spoken guy, but on the track, he is a passion driven, deep vocal having, beast. The next track that got my attention was ‘Shadows’. It features Pablo Piccasso and a Breana Marin singing a beautiful hook. The best way I can explain Chiefs voice is to say that listening to his songs sometimes takes me back to my childhood, when I would listen to R & B artists on the radio and just be chilling. He has the type of music you don’t see much of anymore. That soft spoken smooth flow. Now don’t get me wrong, he can bring it. Check out ‘Cruisin’ for a taste of that driving music.


The tracks I mentioned were all from his ‘Self-Portrait’ mixtape. As I sat down to write this, I was hearing ‘Let’s Play’ for the first time, since it was recently re-released.

Right off the bat ‘wait a minute’ hits you with a sick hook and flow. This is a killer track where he comes out swinging. A lot of swagger and self esteem dripping off this one. Then I hear the title track ‘Let’s Play’. I’m hearing some xzibit style in his lyrics mixed in with a spanish hook. While I don’t speak spanish, I do enjoy a good song regardless. ‘In My Mode’ feat. Poetic Thug, and Pablo Piccasso is my favorite of the album for sure. Awesome hook, tight flow, and the beat is just bangin. This track needs to be in your playlist. There you have it. I have nothing but love for this artist and want his music out there. check out his music on youtube, spotify, and facebook.  Chief the Seminole on Facebook

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