Trifecta Day 2


Three daze and nights of debauchery and live music with… greg.
Day dos Satantonio Texass
Saturday March 17 2018
Sell Your Soul presents
Ripplefest @ the Limelight

After crawling back into the light and filling our bellies with Mexican food we were ready for round 2. Ripplefest. If your familiar with Ripple Music you probably know that if you like one of their artist dimes to doughnuts you’ll find something to enjoy with all their artists. I was so excited for a day and night filled with heavy riffs, that it eased the pain of heading to the venue in mid-afternoon after the exploits of the previous evening.
The venue was cool and inviting at 2 in the afternoon and had a friendly staff and excellent drink specials($5 for a 16 oz. Lone Star and a shot of Jameson. Needless to say I was Texas Irish the entire day and night).
Witchcryer kicked off the festivities with their brand of retro doom ,that and the Lone Star and Jameson was just what the doctor ordered to shake the cob webs out and get me focused on heavy riffs and thundering beats. Suzy Bravo and company blazed through the set as if they were headlining ,making everyone forget it was only 3 in the afternoon. Highlighted by tremendous versions of “Ricochet” and “The Great Divide”. If your sleeping on these Austin homies your missing out, I suggest the vinyl version of their Ripple release “Cry Witch” it sounds so amazing and full on the vinyl version, but if vinyl isn’t your thing you can still enjoy it digitally from bandcamp or spotify.

Next up was Switchblade Jesus hailing from Corpus Christi, I wasn’t familiar with them but minutes into their set I was wondering what was in the water down there and why wasn’t it added to the water everywhere. Powerful fuzzed out stoner blues played with passion and a great Pink Floyd cover to boot. “Heavy is the Mountain” and “Sick Mouth” were the stand out songs to me although hard to pick from a set so flowing yet thick. They were my buddy’s favorite of the day.

Mr. Plow took the next turn to smash my brain. A tight-knit, cerebral outfit fortified with heavy riffs, which plays the kind of satisfyingly grinding heaviness of the best acts out there. It’s really cool that a group consisting of 2 lawyers a chiropractor and a registered nurse put forth such a fuzzy powerful stoner groove. “Telepathic Butterfly’s ” and “dead, eye dick” were the standouts in a stellar set. By a milla fraction these guys were my favorite of the day.

The Great Electric Quest kept thing crunching right along. These guys from San Diego bring rock n roll from every direction leaving you crushed yet wanting more. “Beers in Hell” and “OGRELUDE” stood out along with most eclectic merch table ever.

From Oakland War Cloud brought their blend of modern metal drenched in 70’s heavy fuzz rock. And bring it they did with songs like “Give’r” and “Vulture City” still buzzing in my head days later.29683767_10214065331059475_3151378141147037696_o

Zed took the front stage next, another band I wasn’t familiar with but it only took moments before I realized these guys from San Jose play with a maturity and confidence that is sorely missed by a lot of bands now a days .Their music grabs you and throws you around and grooves you all at once. Check out “High indeed” and “Blood of the fallen” off the 2016 Ripple release “Trouble in Eden”.

Blackwülf hit the main stage next with thundering set of heavy doomy stoner sludgy greatness. Twords the end of their set they were joined onstage by the legendary Geof O’Keefe (Pentagram,Bedemon,Space Meat, Stonebunny). Their set included a great cover of “Sunshine of your love” and thunderous live version of the title track of their latest album”Sinister Sides”.

Then LA’s three piece Salem’s Bend closed out the front stage, I had checked out their “Cool Hands/Winter Sunn” live Ep and really liked it. But actually being in front of them live was a whole other level. They blend past ,present and passion into unique sound. Some bands you just love with out knowing exactly why… that’s how these guys hit me. Highlights of their set for me was “silverstruck” and “Mammoth Caravan”.

Steak struck next from the main stage and immediately had me regretting not knowing and loving these lads from London sooner. Their mastery of the “desert stoner sound” is unbelievable. Killer fuzzy psychedelic riffs over rumbling beats with great song structure and lyrics. “Living like a rat” and “Fall of Lazarus” stood out for me. Shame on me for sleeping on their epicness, they said they will be back over in 2019,you better believe I will be all over it!

Wo Fat came on next and showed why they’ve been slinging their Texas sized brand of psychedelic blues doom for over 10 years… because it’s good, it’s timeless and it needs to be slung. Highlights for me were “Read the Omens” and “Nameless Cults”. Next chance to catch these Dallas rockers is April 20th at Rudyards in Houston for free! Before they head overseas for some festival dates.

Dallas natives and true road warriors Mothership closed out the fest with their brand of honest rock n roll with a southern swagger. It’s hard not enjoy a show when the fun the band is having on stage is so pure and obvious. “Crown of Lies” and “Astromancer” were the gems for me. You can catch these guy playing all over Texas during May check their facebook for a show near you.

A great St. Patrick’s day full of beards, sweaty riffs and lots of Lone Star and Jameson. Each band killed it and seemed to genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other and the fans. We had parked by a taco truck that boasted the best tacos on earth so we grabbed some to take home and carefully made our way home. I don’t know about best on earth but they were pretty damn good and capped off an excellent day.

Greg Crone

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