Trifecta Day 1

Three daze and nights of debauchery and live music with… greg.
Night 1 Satantonio Texass
Friday March 16 2018
30th Anniversary Show @ Jack Rabbits


After arriving in town and enjoying a buffet of edibles,smokeables and some funny looking little mushrooms we made our way to the venue(which was a last minute change from the Bonham Exchange where I was really looking forward to visiting for the first time since the early 90’s,a really old downtown bar/venue where I witnessed some really great shows Ministry, Ramones,Lung Overcoat and Butthole Surfers to list a few.. but I digress) Spacious out side stage ,big bar and great crowd. Only drawback was only restrooms were inside and maybe it was the psilocybin but entering the dance club like atmosphere inside was like walking into another planet from the vibe outdoors.


With no opening band we had plenty of time for some Irish car bombs, Crown Royals,Shiners and visiting with friends old and new. The boys hit the stage around 10:30 with a fury, tearing through a catalog of classic songs familiar to the crowd ,Poundsauce, Shit Authority, Loudspeaker, Hoosegow, Texas Tattoo, a blistering cover of the Revolting Cocks-beers, steers and queers. The Barbie dolls were flying and after a few rounds in the pit I made it to the front of the stage for Passion for Destruction and Chemical Imbalance. They closed the show with a cover of the Big Boys-Damage 43 a fitting end to a 30 year anniversary show full of old punks. Gone were the theatrics of old- no dominatrix, lucha libre masks, three breast prothstetics and alas no enormous rubber penis spewing shaving cream over adoring fans. Phildo has reformed the band iDrnto a straight up musical assault monster and that’s not a bad thing. They have some up coming shows in Austin May 25th @the Sidewinder and Dallas May 31st @ Three Links before they head north to Missouri and beyond. Catch them if you can and toss a few Barbie dolls at em for me.

                                                                                                    -Greg Crone

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