Riff Raff @ the Lizard Lounge Review

Just got done watching Riff Raff at Lizard Lounge. It was like watching the longest episode of Lip Sync Battle. No matter who was on stage, when the DJ played the track for the artist, they were either singing with the track or lip synced it.
The intro was DJ Ekow (sounds like Echo) playing the best of hip hop, rap, and top 40 mixed up for about an hour or more. Great way to bring the energy up and a way for the crowd to dance, drink, and have a great time. HIghly recommended if you are looking for a DJ.
There were two acts on before DJ switch. No names were given. Just them getting a mic, giving their tracks, and then their acts. First act rapped, lip synced, and was done with four songs in 10 minutes. Been better off with DJ Ekow throwing down the party. The second act looked a little bit more professional doing his act. Arguably the best act of the night.
The DJ switch accorded between the second act and the acts who were on the poster. DJ Afterthought was almost an afterthought until a different peeson took over the booth/computer. There were two DJs running the same computer with DJ Afterthought sticker visible on the computer. The problems with the DJ who assisted the rest of the night were dead air and the soundbyte DJ Afterthought used between tracks for the artists. He used a gun shot. Worst soundbyte to use ever. The club does not check for illegals or anything. Just check IDs and if the customer has a ticket. If a customer is pissed off with another customer, all the customer needs is… A soundbyte to pull the trigger, run away, and get away with gun fire. Everyone is too busy partying and having fun to notice who did it if it did happen.
Four more acts occured when DJ Afterthought took over the booth. 2 Stoned, a duo from Austin, rapped and partied up the crowd as well as hyped up Riff Raff coming out soon done in 13 minutes. Podeezy & DollaBillaGates went on stage and talked about two things. They didn’t know what city they were in because they were on a tour to 1000 cities. Who the *bleep* cares if you can’t remember the location you were at. The other thing they wanted was Instagram followers by offering someone a chance to meet and greet Riff Raff by following them on Instagram. John Sisco was a duo from Pittsburg who were the loudest duo performing. They got done in about 15 minutes and said Riff Raff was on next. Of course they lied. Two ladies hopped up and did one song. Every act lip sync or memorized the song track they were performing.
And then the headliner appeared. There is 40 minutes that will never return. No energy. The fans were singing the songs. All Riff Raff did was fake it till he was done. When showed the video of the minute of Riff Raff on stage, friend quoted “Fucking poeple becoming famous. They don’t care.” The finish was very bad. The slowest song in America he rapped and then after the track ended he left. The music went back to night club atmosphere. Nearly everyone but ten people stayed for a little bit longer. Boring ending.   -Johnny Michelson

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