Rear Naked Choke Debut Album Review

Rear Naked Choke has a special place in my heart. I have seen them perform live on stage (and everywhere else), more times than I can count. So when they announced they were putting out a whole album, I was super pumped. It was a long journey, from creation, to member changes, songs being reworked, to the slow process of recording an album in a different city. Even with many obstacles thrown there way, the boys in RNC refused to give up or slow down.

“Cause everything I have, and everything I know, I give to you.” – Betterman


Now from the very first track, I was thrown a little. I knew some changes had been made, but when you’ve been standing front and center in front of a stage singing a song one way, it can be a bit jarring to hear it changed. Now the changes are not a bad thing. It mostly boils down to being a creature of habit, then habit changes on you. Make me Shine became I will Rise. The song still captures the Intensity, and grungy thrash vocals.

Wardrum on the other hand, was a song I had been looking forward to for a very long time. The drumming has always stood out on that track. From the very first listen, It has been one of my favorites. If you know Rear Naked Choke, you know Suicide Betsy. I have 3 different listings of it on my computer right now. It is the go to if you wanna introduce someone to Rear Naked Choke (Please Do!). It has been my experience that the Collective Soul Cover ‘Shine’ has really garnered some attention from the unaware. If you want an excellent cover, look no further.

As a proud texan, I instantly feel in love with Red, White, & Texas. It is great live. What really sets it apart on the album, is that it includes C.J. Pierce on the track. Yeah, the guy from Drowning Pool. He is also the guy who produced the album. His first time producing, by the way. For more on the story of how that all came to be, check out the podcast with Mick Taylor and Chris Summers.

Chris Summers and Joshua Finch hold down the guitars. Chris jas some killer rhythm, and Finch just seems to go to another world when he plays the lead. Don Bruton on bass is a heavy hard hitting tower of hair. Mick Taylor on vocals really has a lot of power amd presence. Current drummer Paul Kidd is a little more subdued than the rest but his drums are fast and heavy. Do not take my word though. Go find out.

All in all, a damn good time to be had with this album, and these guys. Go catch a show and tell Joshua sent you.

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