Ominous The Monster: Beautiful Sin Album Review

          Starting something new. We are now reviewing Live Music and Albums.  First up is Local Abilene Artist Ominous the Monster and his recently released and emotionally charged Album ‘Beautiful Sin’. From the start, he comes out swinging with the track ‘Set On Fire’. It has a killer hook that really gets you pumped up, and the verses show he isn’t afraid to look like the bad guy. Having been a fan for two and a half years now, I can say with absolute certainly, this is his best work to date. Never one to shy from any subject, Mr. Monster takes the listener through a roller coaster ride of Personal and Emotional experiences, from drug addiction, withdrawal, loss of friends, and the day to day struggle of just being.

                 Beautiful Sin

       Ominous has very few features on the release, but Label mates (Monsters Ink Entertainment) and frequent collaborators, Knowledge the Wise and Tony Dent bring out the big guns with solid features. Bad Choices is the only artist on the album I was unfamiliar with. While his delivery was good, I felt like the spoken audio leading up to it, hurt the pace of the verse. I would be very interested in seeing some of his solo work.              While the Album as a whole is full of something for everyone, my personal favorite was ‘The Comedown’. It chronicles the personal experiences of dealing with drug addiction and withdrawal, being cut off from the world, and how that effects your life. The lyrical content is on point, but the steady flow and Hook really set off the track. Basement Jams would highly recommend this album if you like rap or hip hop music.

Ominous the Monster

You can find Beautiful Sin  at online retailers and at this Link.

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