What an amazing night. 

The final show of Smooth Doggy Breath was, in my opinion, a smashing success. From the opening bands to the finale. Kaiyros and Caliber Theory put on awesome shows. I would love to see them come through Abilene again. The crowd was a mix of old friends and new people I had never see at shows. For me personally, the show really kicked it up a notch when hometown heroes Rear Naked Choke took the stage. It had been way to long since I had caught me an r.n.c. show. I am proud of how far these guys have come and how commited they are to music. I will always have a ton of local love for the guys. They have a new full lenght album coming out in August. Btw, it is produced by none other than C.J. Pierce of Drowning Pool! And finally for the bell of the ball. The birthday boy and now retired local legend Smooth Doggy Breath. He was like a tornado throughout the entire show. Buying and selling merch, chatting up every single person in the bar, it seemed. He may have been nervous, but from the outside looking in, he was a champion ready for the final round. When he hit the stage, the audience was behind him the whole way. Metalheads who had never heard his songs quickly picked up the hook and started singing. It was super late but the crowd was on fire. His song p**** on the chainwax really hit big with the audience. When he played I need some f*cking money, the crowd went crazy like I’ve never seen. Nearly everyone in attendance was giving him dollar bills, one right after the other, even saw a 20. He was super grateful and stunned. After his final song, in a perfect moment of serendipity, he dropped the mic and it broke. Thus ending the stage life of Smooth Doggy Breath.

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