What does Local Music mean to you?

What does local music mean to me? It is an up close and personal encounter of the rare kind. That night, that group of people, the state of events leading up to the first note of the night, the liquor and cigarettes, the band shirts, and excitement. Pick any show, on any given day and you will never get to experience that moment again. You might find some that are similar but that one has passed, and I cherish every single one I’ve had the fortune to experience first hand. It is so great to have that immediate feed back. The crowd cheering so the band plays harder and louder. I have been to my share of great shows as well as shows where the energy was not there or the crowd just never came. Even the poor shows are an experience, because when you love something, it doesn’t have to be the best to be your perfect night out. To all the bands that have played shows in little dive bars and backrooms, clubs and small venues, i say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Heres to many more nights of shows, come as they may. -JW

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