WheelerCast #2 Colin Wheeler


Up this week, I have a special guest for the show. My Son! Colin asked me to do a podcast with him after the first new one and I was proud to do it. He makes me happy with his smarts, and growing love of role playing games. Check out the new episode and enjoy!

Download the Episode HERE!

WheelerCast #1 Ryan Crone


Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the unbelievable gift of…..Ryan Crone. Welcome back to Basement Jams, and take a listen to our newest launching podcast- WheelerCast. It is similar to Basement Jams Podcast in that I will interview musicians, but I will also sit down with artists, friends, and family to discuss what they are passionate about. It is pleasure to have another great conversation with my good friend Ryan. We had a lot of laughs in this one. Download the Episode Here!¬†Download Now!

Abilene’s own Steven James has a new feature out.

Steven Parker A.K.A. Steven James just had a new track release with Fort Worth artist Ju-Ice. Speaking strictly on Stevens verse, the feature shines bright on this track. I enjoy Stevens voice and delivery. He came out the gate pretty hard on tracks with fellow Abilene Artist Ryan Crone, and has gone on to do work with MiE artists Tony Dent and Ominous the Monster. I look forward to his music and upcoming show. See Steven James at Homers bar and grill, Feb. 15th.

Also look forward to an Interview on our new podcast WheelerCast, launching very soon.



New Video – Ominous the Monster – Boris

We return to the site with an awesome new video for you to scope. Ominous the Monster dropped this beast at the tip of the weekend. The video is produced and directed by Wayne Fau Productions. I really vibed with the editing choices and more subtle effects on the production side of the flick. Prior Wayne Fau edits have had more heavily featured special effects and to great purpose, as the tracks called for it. Less is more, and it pays off in spades. This song comes in a bit more somber and directional before hitting a heavier beat and intensity. Ominous takes you down a slow aggressive road and lets you know he is determined to hit the mark, despite the naysayers and nonbelievers. Ominous has dropped tracks about his past, poor decisions, and struggles. This track feels like a culmination of the many aspects that have given his music such heart and grit. I have been a huge fan since being introduced to his music on the track “Life without friends”, and he has steady increased in both skill and audience. “Boris” is only part of a whole, but it is a concentration of determination and purpose. Ominous is living a life eyes wide open and apologetically. He is letting his bars speak for him and his fans are chomping at the bit for the next taste. They say, Actions speak louder than words, but but you’d be hard pressed to find a better exception to the rule. #FreeBadChoices

Updates and Plans

It has been a while, but we are planning many things with the sight and shows. I wanna do things on a level where I am not stressed about rushing content. We are gonna launch the new Podcast soon. We have 3 episodes done so far. We are also gonna bring back reviews and news. Expanding into new shows and areas of life, is also a goal. Stay tuned friends.

Joshua Wheeler